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High Quality Fabrications and Installations

Los Angeles approved fabricator

About Ben Ash Iron Works

Offering high quality fabrications and installations, Ben Ash Ironworks provides structural steel, ornamental irons miscellaneous iron projects to architects, general contractors, designers and home owners.

We are a Los Angeles approved fabricator with in-house engineering, design detailing, machining and fabrication capabilities. Our advanced structural steel fabrication and welding operations are always performed to the highest standard.

Manufacturing only the most durable structural steel fabrication products, we apply high performance paints to our premium steel metal structures, ensuring better protection against environmental hazards, such as abrasion and rust. Our structural steel fabrication services are industry compliant and have happily met the needs of a variety of businesses

Our iron workers erect the structural steel framework of pre-engineered metal buildings, single and multi-story buildings, stadiums, towers, and bridges.Our iron workers assemble the structural framework in accordance with engineered drawings.Our systems give strength to the concrete used in piers, footings, slabs, buildings and bridges. Our iron workers finish buildings by erecting curtain wall and window wall systems, pre-cast concrete and stone, stairs and handrails, metal doors, sheeting and elevator fronts.